Here are some common answers to the most frequently asked questions

Where's my order?

We only used tracked services. You should be able to track the progress of your order within your customer account or using the Shop App. 

For international customers, we use a bulk send Service Called Mule.app, which means we keep the cost of international postage down and your orders get to you quicker.  As Mule is an integrator service, sometimes the tracking is a little weird, and you have to click through the links to get to the local delivery service to get an answer. 

My order is shipping with Hermes, but it's saying "we're waiting on your order", what's happened?

I usually schedule the shipping notices to go out AFTER, parcels have been dropped off or collected. Sometimes, customers are super keen and check their shop.app first, and see tracking before the notification goes out. And sometimes, there's a delay in the pick-up or drop-off of the orders. Depending on if my Hermes lady has a day off, or if I'm packing orders late, and I can't drop them off at the Co-op that late!

How long does it take to dispatch my order?

I aim to dispatch within 7 days. I do work full-time and travel ALOT internationally for work. This wasn't an issue during COVID, but now I'm back on the road, it can cause delays! I'm working on getting some help, so please do bear with me.

There's a problem with my order

I'm really sorry if there's an issue with your order. Please email Hello@pippyplans.com and someone will get back to you ASAP. 

Are the items in stock and ready to ship?

Mostly yes. Where specific pre-order events happen, they're clearly marked ** PRE ORDER**. The delivery times of these depend on the brand. Mostly it's 6 - 8 weeks. 

I received a refund, why?

Inventory management isn't my greatest strength! Sometimes things are out of stock. I go my best to refund orders missing items, before they ship!