Best Pens for Page Flags

Best Pens for Page Flags

At Pippy Plans HQ, we love a page flag or PET Film Sticky Note. They're strong, restick multiple times, and their translucent appearance can make them a lot less intrusive than a regular sticky note, as well as prettier!

The only problem is most pens won't write well or at all on that P.E.T film material.

The good news is, that Pippy Plans has you covered! Here are our top three recommendations for Page Flag pens!

Uni Pin Marking

The smoothest writer of the three on our list comes in a variety of point widths and dries super quick.


  • Width: Three Sizes 0.1 to 0.3
  • Ink: Oil Based
  • Colour: Black
  • Refill: No
  • Pros: Various Widths, super fast drying, Permanent ink
  • Cons: It's a one-trick pony, writing smoothly on page flags, but the oil-based ink, is heavy on thin papers like Tomoe River (Hobonichi) or the thing Paper from a Stalogy or Kokuyo. 


Pilot Multi-ball

A versatile all-rounder, the ink in a Multi-ball, will write on any hard surface, glass, plastic, metal or cloth. 


  • Width: Fine, Medium
  • Ink: Water-based permanent (after 6 hours)
  • Colour: Black
  • Pros: Two width choices, write great as a gel pen on its own, and well as page flags. So, can be a go-to pen for anyone wishing to travel light! On Paper the ink is smooth and dark. 
  • Cons: It can be a slow starter when used from standing, straight on page flags, so may need a little warming up on paper. 


Zebra Sarasa Mark ON 

Picture of the pen

Zebra Sarasa is always a winner for planners, their smoothness and deep colours make any Sarasa a regular feature of planner kit. The Mark On is the same great quality with the bonus of being permanent ink, that will write on page flags, and after 6 seconds, be ready for highlighting without bleeding on paper!The Mark on is also refillable, so if you run out you can add a new refill, reducing waste or you can use another pen body which takes an ISO G2 refill (Energel, Clena, Sarasa, Acro ball).

  • Width: 0.4 or 0.5
  • Ink: Oil Based
  • Colour: Blac, Blue or Red
  • Refill: Yes - ISO G2
  • Pros: Mark ON comes in black, red or blue. Like the Multiball, is great for paper and plastic, making it a great choice for travelling light. 
  • Cons: The pen body is a little ugly for us! but you can put the refill in other bodies!